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May 2018
May 2018
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Our Story An Icon of Comfort, Elegance and Charm in the Heart of Chennai.

Ikhaya’s unrelenting passion for hospitality is best illustrated by our family-oriented approach to hospitality. The experience’s at Ikhaya will feed your appetite for plush colonial living but allow your soul to breathe. We invite you to come and experience it all for yourself.

Welcome to Ikhaya

A landmark for world wide travelers

Welcome to Ikhaya – Chennai's Avant-Garde in boutique hotels! Located in Nungambakkam at the heart of Chennai, Ikhaya is your tranquil abode away from home, where you'll be steeped in an eclectic combination of modern amenities set to a traditional Indian tone. Each room is specially crafted with a grand design that exudes personality. Handpicked designer wallpapers, delicate linen, elegant vintage art, Dutch colonial architecture, antique furniture, all with a fine attention to detail will leave you pleased, calm, and excited all at once.

Ikhaya lets you dive into large balcony spaces where you can unwind and relax, have your delicious meals served, or enjoy chatting with your favorite people over a leisurely afternoon high tea. Lush gardens and yards surround the property, imbibing it with a feeling of a surreal escape from reality.

Culinary voyage at "soho"

Our exquisite Mediterranean restaurant

Delightful aesthetics and ambiance are only the start to your wonderful stay here. We'd love to take the gourmet in you on our culinary voyage at “SOHO” our exquisite Mediterranean restaurant and pizzeria where you can satisfy your senses with divinely delicious fare for hours and hours on end.

Ikhaya also presents a spacious event centre to host your favourite parties, with free parking and wifi facilities available, amongst a whole host of other amenities to make your stay one of the most comfortable and memorable ones you've ever had. You won't miss home even if you stay with us alone, the Indian sense of hospitality and a homely ambience is well maintained here. For as the saying goes, where we love is home..and home is Ikhaya!

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